• How do Leg and Knee Support Pillows work?

    Leg and knee support pillows can be invaluable for giving structured and reliable support to the lower limbs, providing comfort, reassurance and a good base for recuperation.

    The pillows are specially designed to be suitable for support across a variety of sleeping and sitting positions. Unlike normal bed pillows, leg and knee support pillows are often much firmer and will be specially contoured to give just the right support to take the weight of the heavy knee joint and surrounding tissues.

  • Why use a travel pillow?

    For anybody who’s travelled for any distance in a car, train or on a long haul flight, you will probably be aware of how hard it can be to maintain a comfortable sitting or sleeping position.

    In what are often cramped conditions where the normal sleep or sitting posture cannot easily be maintained, there is then risk for strain and headaches or general discomfort, right through to the risk of actual injury.

  • Orthopaedic Pillow Information

    Orthopaedic pillows are specially designed and constructed pillows that give structured support to the neck and spine and ensure proper alignment when in a sleeping position. Many people suffer from back or neck pain believing that they have sustained an injury in moving or lifting, when in actual fact the culprit can be a pillow that is too soft, or one that is simply giving the wrong kind of support for what is required.