How do Leg and Knee Support Pillows work?

How do Leg and Knee Support Pillows work?

Leg and knee support pillows can be invaluable for giving structured and reliable support to the lower limbs, providing comfort, reassurance and a good base for recuperation.

The pillows are specially designed to be suitable for support across a variety of sleeping and sitting positions. Unlike normal bed pillows, leg and knee support pillows are often much firmer and will be specially contoured to give just the right support to take the weight of the heavy knee joint and surrounding tissues.

The material of choice for most leg and knee support pillows, is memory foam. Memory foam is not just an ordinary foam core filling. It is specialised to ‘remember’ the exact contours and shape/ weight of the user’s limbs, so that over time, the foam accommodates the weight, providing precise weight distribution, personalised to the user.

Memory foam comes in a number of different configurations, in terms of hardness and its specific formula, that will vary between brands and manufacturers. So it’s usually a good idea to find the type of pillow that suits your individual tastes and requirements.

Leg and knee support pillows are effective particularly for the recuperation of the legs or knees after an injury, strain, or when recovering from recent surgery. The pillows are usually very lightweight and can therefore be easily positioned under the limbs to give exactly the right support.

This support distributes the weight evenly, so reducing pain and giving the user a more comfortable resting position either in bed or when sitting on a chair or sofa. The bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles of the legs and around the knees can now let go of their tension as the support pillow gently takes the weight, allowing for relaxation and the benefits gained from having a more restful night’s sleep.

Leg and knee support pillows come in a wide range of contour configurations and foam cut at different angles and sizes. This allows even greater personalisation as the user can choose the shape and size most appropriate for the support they need.

When getting out and about, many people benefit from the therapeutic benefits of using their leg and knee support pillows when they are travelling and trying to get a better resting position when they are travelling on trains or planes, or even in the car.

The compact nature of leg and knee support pillows mean that they are portable and easily carried to provide this support outside of the home.

For side sleepers, the leg and knee support pillow creates a comfortable gap, when positioned between the knees, meaning that the bones of the knee are not resting against each other directly. This lessens the weight load on the joint, so allowing for less pain and for much improved relaxation in the side sleeping position, and for both sides.