Why use a travel pillow?

Why use a travel pillow?

For anybody who’s travelled for any distance in a car, train or on a long haul flight, you will probably be aware of how hard it can be to maintain a comfortable sitting or sleeping position.

In what are often cramped conditions where the normal sleep or sitting posture cannot easily be maintained, there is then risk for strain and headaches or general discomfort, right through to the risk of actual injury.

This is often apparent in the hours and days after the travel itself and can manifest itself in the form of a neck strain or even lower back cramp as the overworked lumbar muscles finally give up under the build-up of stress.

A travel pillow is often the answer. A modern travel pillow is far from a standard bed pillow and is often specially contoured to give optimal support to the weight of the head, the neck and the shoulders.

This improvement in weight distribution, posture and alignment of the spine means that the intra-vertebrae pressure is greatly alleviated. The immediate effect of a travel pillow is one of noticeable comfort and an ability to actually get some decent sleep, no matter what the form of transport.

What makes a travel pillow so effective, is the type of filling in the pillow itself. Modern memory foam fillings give the ultimate feeling of total support. The soft contoured core of the pillow forms itself to your personal shape and takes the load for the areas of your neck and head that need the most support.

This ‘memory’ then stays within the pillow and the more it is used, the better the experience as the foam effectively has your imprint within it and can mould to your exact dimensions, giving you a feeling of weightlessness and promoting quality rest.

Aside from trying to get a restful period of sleep on your travels, a travel pillow can really come into its own for when you are reading, or using your phone or laptop, particularly when flying. Now you can get into exactly the right position to be able to sit and read in comfort and without straining the limbs or being forced to read your screen at an angle that is harmful to your eyesight.

Away from travelling, many of our customers use their travel pillows around the home, or even in bed to give that little extra support when they are reading before going to sleep and using as an accessory to their normal pillow.

Travel pillows come in a wide range of colours and styles, so it’s possible to find the pillow that suits your personal taste, the compact nature of travel pillows mean that they are easily stored when not in use.