Waterproof Pillow Cases - Pair

Waterproof Pillow Cases - Pair

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This pair of Waterproof Pillow Cases are designed to fit on standard pillows and are zipped to allow for easy fitting and removal. The cotton towelling pillow cases help to keep your head dry and fresh whilst also extending the life of your pillows and promoting comfort while sleeping. For added convenience and to promote optimum hygiene these pillowcases are machine washable up to 60 degrees C and be can line or tumble-dried.


  • Ideal for use with standard pillows
  • Provides cost effective alternative, extends the life of your pillow
  • Perfect for adults or children
  • Soft, towelling cotton outer with waterproof inner layer
  • Handy zip for easy fitting and removal


  • Pillow case width: 690mm
  • Pillow case length: 500mm
  • Pillow case depth: 10mm
  • Pillow case colour: White