Sissel Soft Orthopaedic Pillow

Sissel Soft Orthopaedic Pillow

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The Sissel Soft Orthopaedic Pillow is manufactured using visco-elastic memory foam which moulds to the contours of the user to give the best fit. Ideal for people with sensitive necks the memory foam allows for even pressure distribution, to leave you feeling well rested when you wake. This Orthopaedic Pillow boasts a unique shape to provide a snug fit between the shoulders and cervical column, gently leading the spinal column into the anatomically correct position. As standard the Sissel Soft is supplied with an extremely soft velour pillow case to further enhance user comfort, the pillow case is washable, promoting ultimate hygiene.


  • Visco-elastic Memory Foam ensures the best fit
  • Ideal for those with sensitive necks
  • Promotes even pressure distribution
  • Unique shape provides a snug fit
  • Luxurious velour pillow case supplied as standard
  • Pillow case is washable for optimum hygiene


  • Pillow width: 470mm (18.5")
  • Pillow length: 330mm (13")
  • Pillow height: 140mm (5.5")