Neck Support Pillow

Neck Support Pillow

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This highly versatile Neck Support Pillow is ideal for night time use, while travelling or just relaxing at home. The pillow features contoured foam in a 'wave' shape, designed to offer the best support to the neck and shoulders. The profiled foam material is highly breathable and hygienic, encouraging air flow and helping prevent overheating, this also helps the user to get a refreshing night's sleep.


  • Helps to support the neck
  • Contoured shape to ensure optimum support
  • Designed to relieve pressure and reduce tension and pain
  • Assists in providing a peaceful night's sleep
  • Fantastic alternative to a more traditional pillow
  • Fits inside most traditional pillow cases


  • Pillow size: 540mm x 410mm (21" x 16")
  • Pillow height: 130mm (5")