Inflatable Pillow Lifter

Inflatable Pillow Lifter

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This Inflatable Pillow Lifter has been designed to be an affordable alternative to hospital beds as it helps to raise a person to a sitting position when they are in bed. With a simple touch of a button, you can raise the head of the bed up to 660mm (26") high and any height in-between, the Inflatable Pillow Lifter sits between your mattress and bed base and can lift up to 500 lbs (35 stone), making it suitable for heavier users. When not in use simply press the "flat" button the handset and the air bladder will quickly deflate leaving the bed completely flat and the air bladder will disappear from view therefore eliminating the issue of storing bulky foam bed wedges. To allow for ease of use during the night time, the handset illuminates. For ultimate durability the air chamber is manufactured from two layers of polymer with an interwoven fabric layer between thus minimising the risk of puncturing. The seams are double welded to reduce the chance of splitting and hereby offering years of excellent service. The Inflatable Pillow Lifter is ideal for people that suffer from acid reflux or snoring, nursing mothers, people recovering from surgery or those that just like to sit up and read whilst in bed.


  • Highly cost effective alternative to profiling bed
  • Designed for use on a single bed
  • Ideal for use on any bed (excluding waterbeds)
  • Sits between mattress and bed base
  • Easy to use hand control
  • Completely flattens when not in use
  • Durable construction will offer years of excellent service
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Hand control illuminates for night time use
  • Head elevation helps acid reflux, nasal congestion and snoring
  • Excellent for nursing mothers


  • Maximum elevation: 660mm (26")
  • Inflated width: 915mm (36")
  • Inflated length: 510mm (20")
  • Inflated height: 400mm (15.75")
  • Inflatable Pillow Lifter weight: 5.4 kgs (12 lbs)
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 500 lbs (35 st)