Harley Wayfarer Travel Pillow

Harley Wayfarer Travel Pillow

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The Harley Wayfarer Travel Pillow is a simple yet effectively designed neck support from the award-winning Harley brand. This pillow is extremely comfortable and offers the user second to none rest or sleep while travelling. Lightweight and compact for easy transportation, the Wayfarer will make sure that you never again have that painful "crick in your neck" when you reach your destination. With its comfy fibre filling and soft velour like cover, the Harley Wayfarer Travel Pillow just slips behind your neck to provide a really comfortable and effective neck support.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Simple yet effective travel pillow
  • Highly versatile, can double up as a lumbar roll
  • Soft fibre filling provides good support
  • Soft velour like cover provides exceptional comfort


  • Pillow width: 300mm (12")
  • Pillow depth: 150mm (6")