Harley Designer Travel Pillow

Harley Designer Travel Pillow

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This ingeniously designed Harley Designer Travel Pillow is made from visco elastic memory foam, meaning it moulds to the contours of your neck, shoulders and head. The Harley Designer Travel Pillow is identical to the main range only smaller, making it easily transportable, and guaranteed to keep those aches and pains at bay whilst away from home. This Harley Designer Travel Pillow is supplied with a luxurious, zipped Harley velour pillowcase, which can be removed for washing when required therefore promoting optimum hygiene. As standard this Travel Pillow is supplied with a handy travel case which can fit into the small of the back and used as an effective lumbar roll.


  • Award winning orthopaedic pillow
  • Made from visco elastic memory foam
  • Takes heat & weight of individual to shape itself to body’s requirements
  • Returns to original shape when heat and weight are removed
  • Helps relieve pressure and reduces tension and pain
  • Smaller size for ease of transportation
  • Supplied with zipped, washable outer cover
  • Supplied with handy travel case


  • Pillow size: 300mm x 320mm (12" x 12.5")
  • Pillow depth: 100mm (4")
  • Pillow weight: 450gms (1 lbs)