Original McKenzie Cervical Pillow

Original McKenzie Cervical Pillow

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Listed in category: Neck Support Pillows

The Original McKenzie Cervical Pillow has been specially designed to provide optimum levels of support which helps reduce strain and therefore relieve neck and muscle pain. To ensure the user receives the most beneficial effects, simply place the Cervical Pillow inside an existing pillowcase, this also helps to ensure the Cervical Pillow doesn't move while sleeping. This Cervical Pillow is part of the best selling range of Lumbar Pillows, designed by the world renowned physiotherapist Robin McKenzie.


  • Designed by Robin McKenzie world renowned physiotherapist
  • Helps reduce strain
  • Relieves neck and muscle pain
  • For most beneficial effect place inside pillowcase
  • Provides effective support while sleeping


  • Length of cervical roll: 510mm (20")