Lumbar and Neck Gel Pillow with Cooling Pad

Lumbar and Neck Gel Pillow with Cooling Pad

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This highly cost effective, dual purpose pillow is designed to provide effective support and comfort for both the neck and lumbar during sleep or rest. The memory foam filling allows the pillow to mould to the shape of the user to provide extreme comfort. Ideal for use during hot summer months and to allow for a proper night's sleep this pillow is fitted with a cooling pad which helps to eliminate overheating and perspiration while sleeping.


Ideal for supporting the lumbar region and the neck
Highly versatile
Memory foam construction ensures optimum comfort and support
Cooling pad stops overheating or perspiration
Soft fabric cover for additional comfort


Pillow length: 280mm (11.5")
Pillow width: 180mm (7.5")
Pillow depth: 120mm (4.5")
Pillow weight: 500 gms (1.25")